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Food & Drink

During soft opening, we provide guests with complimentary morning healthy shots.

Each villa is equipped with a Nespresso machine with coffee pods and tea.

All villas have an indoor undercounter glass door stainless steel fridge and an outdoor bbq fridge, with carefully selected items for purchase:

  • White Monkey Sauvignon Blanc

  • White Monkey Pinot Noir

  • Kura Kura Lager

  • Kura Kura Pale Ale

  • Balian natural sparkling water

  • Balian natural still water

  • Remix healthy shots 

  • Healthy, all-natural snacks

For catering, in-villa private cooking and special requests, contact our Experience Manager via the link below:

Intuitively designed communal spaces such as the Citrus Garden - for local seasonal dinners under a garden trellis - and the Bar - serving fire-touched sustainable local bbq and cocktails - will provide intimate opportunities for guests to meet and be social*.

*available at full opening 2023

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