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We design our properties to support your life and give you ‘that holiday feeling’ so you get to spend time on the important things. Wellness is at the heart of what we do. 

We are a chemical-free property. From indoor air comfort to pH-balanced freshwater bio-pools and multi-filtered drinking water, you are assured a healthy stay. All water is softened and filtered. Cross-ventilation ensures all-day breezes and every room has views to nature.

Enjoy your sustainable all-natural metal-free makali Sleep Experience and divine shower for a holiday where you recharge, rejuvenate and recover.

the                      Sleep Experience


We've partnered with the world's leading sustainable suppliers to provide our guests with the best all-natural sleep experience. 


Our exclusive makali Sleep Experience system is designed for sleep-ins, luxurious mornings and afternoon breaks:

  • COCO-MAT all-natural, sustainable, metal-free King-size base mattress

  • COCO-MAT all-natural, sustainable King-size top mattress

  • COCO-MAT pillows. 2 options to suit the way you sleep

  • Organic long-staple Egyptian cotton bedding

  • Black-out curtains

  • Relaxing Mist 

  • Whisper quiet interior




We've partnered with COCO-MAT, the world's most luxurious and sustainable mattress company. We are the only hotel in Asia-Pacific to offer luxurious COCO-MAT mattresses and pillows to guests.


Each mattress is handcrafted with a virtually neutral carbon footprint,  using naturally replenished raw materials, such as coconut fibre, natural rubber, seaweed, cactus, horsehair, wool and cotton.


Our COCO-MAT sleep system consists of a plush all-natural mattress, luxurious mattress topper and sensationally comfortable pillows.


COCO-MAT's sleep products are free of metal springs and chemicals, making them environmentally friendly, biodegradable, not conducive to EMF and do not emit harmful VOC's.


BEDDING  Sustainably-sourced organic long-staple Giza-45 Egyptian cotton is finely-woven with a high thread count at an ethical factory in India to create our incredibly soft and luxurious bedding. 

Our bedding is certified Organic, Fair Trade, Ethical Trade Initiative, GOTS and Oeko-Tex.

BLACK OUT  Every bedroom has floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall blackout curtains for the deepest, most healing sleep possible.

WHISPER QUIET  Each 1-and-2 bedroom villa is insulated in the walls and ceiling using high-performance insulating materials. Solid doors are double-insulated and glass windows, skylights and doors are double-glazed where possible to ensure the most quiet interior possible.

RELAXING MIST  Each room is gifted a relaxing mist spray, locally sourced and made from the purest ingredients. Our handmade Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oil relaxing mist can be sprayed directly onto your bedding for a dreamy sleep.


+ improved sleep

+ a calmer mind

+ stress reduction

+ soothe body and mind

+ ease feelings of tension

+ boost nervous system

BATHROOMS  Continue your all-natural experience with multi-filtered and softened shower water. Great for skin, hair and nails. Every bathroom is oversized with rainwater showerheads and views to nature.

Our towels are organic and breathable cotton waffle.

Bathroom amenities are locally made with organic and locally-sourced materials for an all-natural shower experience. 

FRESHWATER  Swim in our freshwater pools, where water is filtered with multi-layered systems and treated with a UV light to ensure your skin, hair and nails are protected. Shower in softened water. Drink from our multi-filtered system, free of micro-plastics and nasties.

CHEMICAL-FREE  We use only natural cleaning products during housekeeping. Bedding and towels are treated with eco products where possible. Our rooms are guaranteed mould-free, thanks to our sustainable construction materials. 

LIVABLE + COMFORTABLE  We keep things fresh. A dreamy coastal palette invokes feelings of a weekend holiday home. Natural light streams through windows from all sides, including the bathrooms. Sofas are oversized and super comfortable. Our villas are designed to effortlessly move from inside to outside. Fans keep air moving and AC is specified appropriately to keep rooms cool.

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