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the                         Sleep Experience


We've partnered with the world's leading sustainable suppliers to provide our guests with the best all-natural sleep experience.


Our uniquely-created sleep system consists of:

  • All-natural plush metal-free mattress

  • All-natural organic top mattress

  • All-natural pillows (2 options to suit the way you sleep)

  • Fresh lavender under-pillow, sourced in Bali, for a soothing sleep

  • Organic long-staple Egyptian cotton bedding. Certified GOTS, Fair Trade, Ethical Trade Initiative, Oeko-Tex

  • Lavender essential oil bedding spray for a blissful night's sleep

  • Blackout curtains for a deep healing sleep




We've partnered with COCO-MAT, the world's most luxurious and sustainable mattress company. We are the only hotel in Asia-Pacific to offer luxurious COCO-MAT mattresses and pillows to guests.


Each mattress is handcrafted with a virtually neutral carbon footprint,  using naturally replenished raw materials, such as coconut fibre, natural rubber, seaweed, cactus, horsehair, wool and cotton.


Our COCO-MAT sleep system consists of a plush all-natural mattress, luxurious mattress topper and sensationally comfortable pillows.


COCO-MAT's sleep products are free of metal springs and chemicals, making them environmentally friendly, biodegradable, not conducive to EMF and do not emit harmful VOC's.

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