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We take sustainability seriously. 

We implement passive tropical design and use sustainable low-embodied energy materials for the highest level of thermal and acoustic performance. This means low CO2 emissions from construction through the lifetime of the building.

From design, to siteworks, construction to operating for our guests, every step of the way is considered.


CLIMATE RESPONSIVE TROPICAL DESIGN  Our buildings are raised to encourage air flow to keep the building cool and lower energy consumption. Our roofs are pitched and light-coloured to minimise heat gain and maximise heat loss. We ensure cross-ventilation in all rooms and insulate each building with SIP's

MATERIALS  We use low embodied energy materials, reducing between 30-50% of Co2 emissions during construction compared to traditional building practices in Indonesia

HEAT  High thermal-performance materials reduce heat gain to naturally lower indoor temperatures

ORIENTATION  Designed to take advantage of wind and solar orientation, creating comfortable spaces naturally rather than by force

WASTE  All waste is treated on site before being reused for on-site irrigation


  • N-W/S-W orientation - reduce heat gain

  • native planting

  • GFA <50% low density


  • building envelope - high insulation value

  • reduce building heat gain

  • low thermal mass

  • efficient energy appliances

  • energy recovery

  • generating renewable energy

  • LED lighting, dimmable, energy efficient

  • double glazing windows keep cool air in

  • optimised AC

  • solar panels (full opening)


  • efficient water appliances

  • waste water recycling

  • ground water recharge

  • low-flow sanitaryware

  • fresh and clean drinking water

  • freshwater pool, chemical free

  • low flow pool pump


  • separation at source

  • on-site organics = composting

  • sourcing and elimination of non-recyclables

  • working with established recyclers

  • managing materials

  • landfill is for the last 10-15% of waste

  • sewage treatment >90% treated on-site

  • on-site recycling separation


  • AC fresh air transfer bedroom-bathroom

  • ceiling fans in indoor areas

  • natural light in all rooms

  • natural breathable lime plaster bathroom

  • sight lines to nature from all rooms

  • organic, sustainable metal-free mattress from COCO-MAT


  • locally sourced where possible

  • low VOC wall and floor treatments

  • reclaimed wood

  • SIP panels

  • steel structure

  • reduce materials emissions during install

SMART (incremental upgrades in 2022)

  • keyless check in/out

  • net metering: selling excess energy back to the power grid


  • passive solar design

  • follow land topography to preserve site

  • maximise views to nature

  • minimise habitat destruction

  • regenerative: add planting, encourage wildlife

  • high insulation - walls, ceiling, double glazing

  • locally made OSE items

  • sunbrella shading and fabrics

  • air-tight enclosures reduce energy consumption

  • light coloured roof (high SRI value) reduces heat island effect


We put as much care into operating our properties as we do in creating them. Our aim is to provide personalised, professional service with a makali attitude: accessible, friendly, comfortable, insightful.That means using local staff and resources, sourcing organic local produce, reducing energy consumption and waste without compromising on comfort. We give our guests an experience that is relaxing and restorative. 

Most energy used in buildings occur during their lifetime - from heating to lighting - rather than during construction.The role of our facility operation is to maintain quality guest experiences and to promote environmental awareness. Energy conservation begins with energy consumption awareness. We aim to promise this awareness amongst the communities we are involved in, as well as our guests. 

  • employing local village community

  • preserve and showcase local tradition, culture and techniques

  • use local produce, village style cooking, organic vegetables in catered meals and on-site in our edible gardens

  • train staff about sustainability

  • assure indoor air quality through low-VOC furniture, cleaning products, OSE items

  • use zero waste OSE items

  • recycle through local operators for waste

  • compost organic food waste

  • showcase environmental impact savings and expenditure to guests through high-tech app (*coming soon*)

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